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Join us for Greeley Business Women’s (GBWN) Luncheon

May 23, 2017

Greeley Business Women’s Network Luncheon 

Meetings run from 11:30-1:00 PM at 
Community Banks of Colorado
3780 West 10th Street, Greeley, CO 80634 


MEMBERS REGISTER HERE $15 Members/Affiliates
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The Personal Side of Business: 
How struggling with major life changes impacts your productivity. 
Entrepreneurs often suffer in silence when experiencing life altering change.
What are your positive/negative perceptions regarding change?
It’s okay to NOT be okay; It’s okay to ask for help.
High emotions or distress inhibit your decision making.
You will:
* Remember you are a One-Time Miracle with unique gifts and talents.
* Learn how to move more slowly than the world around you.
* Learn a 68 second tool to create peace and a new perspective.
Resulting in:
* Increase performance
* Increase revenue and
* Provide a deeper understanding of yourself to better serve friends, family, clients and community.

Beth Golden PhD, is an Inspirational Speaker & Master Life Coach who specializes in the Personal Side of Business. She is the author of two books: Golden Solutions for Change and The Soulful Seven. Beth works with mature, savvy people who wake up one day and say: “How the hell did I get here and now what do I do?” The cause of their anxiety, overwhelm and depression may be a sudden change in health, job status, relationships or living environment. They are ready to create the next chapter in life and don’t want to do it alone.  Beth is your safe place to make peace with their past, appreciate their present and create a plan for their future.

May 2017 Spotlight Members

Michele Reynolds with Wakaya Perfection


Upcoming Greeley Business Women’s Meetings: 

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All Greeley Business Women’s memberships are renewed on an annual basis each January for $70.00. You may join at anytime, but we will strive to go from January-December only pro-rating our membership fee to $45.00 after August 1 of the current year for new members.

$70.00 for Regular/Standard Membership  Aug – Dec 2016 – JOIN NOW
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In addition to the fantastic face-to-face Greeley networking that occurs at each of our monthly meetings and other scheduled events, benefits include:

  1. Members and paid affiliate members get a listing for one business at
  2. One additional business listing can be purchased by members or paid affiliate members for $25.00
  3. Members can purchase a spotlight table fees of $10.00
  4. Members and paid affiliate members get discounted lunch fees of $15.00 (versus the non-member fee of $20.00)
  5. Additionally, your Greeley Business Women membership allows you to be part of Women’s Development Council (WDC)

If you are a member of any of the following: Business Women’s Network of Fort Collins (BWNFC), Loveland Business Women’s Network (LBWN), Windsor Business Women’s Network (WBWN) or Greeley Business Women’s Network (GBWN), you are welcome to attend the other Women’s Development Council (WDC) chapter meetings at the Greeley, Loveland, Fort Collins and Windsor women’s groups you get the discounted member cost for lunch. Upon being a Greeley Business Women paid affiliate member will you receive the benefits listed above.